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I spun this yarn out of yak fiber purchased on the net.  The brown is the yak, and the color was wool added to make a few interesting stripes (I love color).  Yak is very short, but it was not hard to spin, it sticks together quite well.  I did spin pedaling slowly.  As you can see, this is plied to make sure it stayed together (this was my first time working with yak, so I wanted to be sure).  This made for a very fluffy yarn, as I tend to spin somewhat thick anyway.


And here’s the finished product, the gloves are made exactly the same way as the gloves in my earlier post here, from the wrist up so I can try them on as I go, always getting the size right.  It was a happy accident that the thumbs wound up matching.  Usually when I make my own yarn and do socks, they don’t match, but they look like relatives, so it works.  I expected the same for these gloves.  These are going to be WARM!  Woohoo!



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