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To do this shirt, I started making circles.  At that point I knew it would be a tank top, but didn’t know how that was going to happen.  To make circles, chain, join it to itself with a slip stitch, then double crochet around the ring until it closes and lies flat.  Slip stitch the last dc to the first one to close.  To start the next circle, make another chain from where you are.  You can vary your chain length for different size circles.  To start a circle in a place that isn’t where you end, you’ll have to chain/slip stitch across the back of an earlier circle.  (Its a good idea to tie a different color piece of yarn to the backside so you make sure you never forget and do that on the front.  Then you can leave your yarn marker on there, it will help you remember to never wear the shirt inside out, in case which side is which isn’t that obvious.)  I made random circles of random sizes and connected them together until I got sick of doing it.  The front was worked down to about the top dark green stripe in the front.  The back was worked in arch mesh stitch for awhile separately, leaving arm holes like described in the other projects, and the two were joined and worked downward in an arch mesh tube.

A few other random pattern stitches were tried, but not for long enough to look like much.  I decided to do stitches in decreasing size for the shoulder straps (meaning  a few quadruple crochet, a few triple crochet, a few dc, a few sc. Then I did dc, ch, dc, ch around the neck edge in white to make a border.

I then resorted to the arch mesh stitch (reference below), which is so easy and fast, to fill in any shirt parts that were missing and do a tube for the body.

The arch mesh stitch slants upward to the side.  I like this accidental effect.  The reason for that is what is pictured below.  A line of double crochets were inserted in one row going downward.  With the rest being the looser arch mesh, the dc stitches pulled it upward (really only obvious from the front).


This was done in Sugar and Cream cotton yarn, color Key Lime Pie.  Solid white sugar and cream was used at the neck and on the bottom.

The dc stitch on the photo right above was essentially this chart, just blended with arch mesh stitch:  The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs.  Linda P. Schapper.  Lark Books, Sterling Publishing Co. New York.  2007. pg. 135, chart 163.

Chart for Arch mesh: The Crochet Stitch Bible.  Betty Barnden. 2004. Krause Publications, Quarto Inc.  This chart was “Arch Mesh” pg. 87.

One not made up stitch in the front is the white snail shell: The Crochet Stitch Bible (ref. above), pg. 223, the “Spiral Shell”.


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