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Well, well well.  Sometimes the best laid plans go crashing off the counter and land jelly-side-down.  The poncho didn’t exactly fit!

Why not?  Well, I COULD blame it on blocking….after all, I didn’t swatch, wet the swatch, dry it flat, and THEN count the stitches for my gauge.  I just swatched and counted.   In wetting these cables, I stretched it a little to dry so the cables would lay flat.  However, I checked and got 17 inches and 35 inches, exactly as I had intended.  I could also maybe blame my measuring, as I measured from the top of the shoulder.  That IS where it falls, but that leads to it sliding down my arms, so that was a mistake.

I wound up with a 23 inch hole for the neck.  When I stick a tape measure around my neck at this amount, it seems fine.  All I can say is making it up as you go sometimes doesn’t lead to predictable results.

With my new poncho sliding off my shoulders, I decided the way to go now was to add some 1×1 ribbing at the neck, purling 3 together in 4 places every other row – at each shoulder and in the front and back seams.  I measured my neck area again (just to give me something somewhat random to shoot for, why not).   I then figured out how many rows it would take to reach my new intended smaller number of inches.  This lead to adding 2 inches of ribbing to finish this off.

I picked up my stitches on the same size circular needle, making sure to get each one.  All in all, it worked out in the end, I’m happy with the ribbed result.  Here is the completely finished poncho.


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