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This is a 3rd in the series “what can you do with holey crochet?”  I’m kidding, these just get made so fast I couldn’t resist making a bunch of stuff.  I think I’m finally finished now, I’ve exhausted my need for fast projects, and this will be the last holey crocheted item for awhile.  These are so easy, you just chain 5, single crochet 1, and repeat (see chart reference below). Then for the next row, each single crochet is done over the middle of the chain 5 below it.  Easy peasy.  This was started with a chain done around the waist to the right length for you, then worked upwards.  The body is a straight tube, I didn’t bother with shaping, and the seam is located under one of the arms where its pretty hidden.



Once you get to the armpit area, just leave holes and start working back and forth on the front or back piece, leaving a hole in the middle for the neck.  This can be done by going back and forth over one shoulder, then cutting the yarn and switching to the other, or if you don’t want to cut the yarn, do a chain by pulling up loops over the neck hole to get to the other side and continue.  This is what I did, and it makes for a nice looking chain stitch around the neck.

Then seam up the shoulders and start at the shoulder to work some tubes for sleeves, keeping the seam under the arm. Gradually decrease as you go, trying it on to see if you want to decrease or not.  Since the shoulder cap thing wasn’t working out, I made my over shoulder area wide enough to reach the edge of the shoulder so I could do straight tubes.  Seems to have worked better.  Then just stop when your sleeves are long enough, and work in the ends.

Chart: The Crochet Stitch Bible.  Betty Barnden. 2004. Krause Publications, Quarto Inc.  This chart was “Arch Mesh” pg. 87.



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