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These follow patterns, but one is so easy you don’t need to drag it around with you (the Interlaced Stitch, the tan multicolored one in my photo).  The other one you eventually memorize, but at least for me, it took a little longer so I dragged this pattern around with me for awhile (the unfinished blue one, the Elongated Stitch).  Good news though!  I got these off of a website where you can get these stitch patterns for free, and even watch a video on how to do them.

Here’s Knitting Daily:  “Fancy Stitches for Special Yarn”


For my Interlaced, I used Red Heart yarn in 2 colors, alternating every 4 sets of interlace (Red Heart Classic, color: Springtime, and Red Heart Super Saver, color: Aspen).  Then I added a crocheted edge and fringe.  The crocheted edge was 3 double crochet in each section of garter stitch, chain 2 over the interlace, repeat. Needle size 6. Hook…I’ve forgotten, but I’m thinking it was I or J.  Just try it out for a couple of stitches.  It shouldn’t pull tighter on the edge, it should lie flat with no tension in it.

For the Elongated, I used Red Heart Shimmer, color: 1503, and needle size 6.

Ah, scarves…the best cat toy ever invented.



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