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The bottom edge under my hand will be the opening of the case after its seamed up.

This camera case was constructed by casting on the length needed for the front of the camera and two sides, then worked upwards keeping purls only on the front, and doing a knit on the two stitches that will make up the two corners.   Once the correct length is achieved for the front of the camera, bind off in the usual way the two side pieces, and keep going.  This long flap will wrap over one more side, and then cover the back of the camera.

Fold-over Flap: When you get to the length needed to just cover the back, you then continue on to make the flap that will fold over and button.  I decreased the sides when I was on the flap to make it rounded, then near the end of the flap, I stopped knitting in the middle and turned around on one row to leave space for a button hole (then you do the other side of the button hole the same way, much like making shoulders on a shirt and leaving the neck hole).

Finishing: The edges were seamed together using a crochet hook to pull up chain loops around the sides and back of the camera.  It makes a decorative edge that matches the knit stitches done on the front corners of the case.  I pulled up chain loops around the edge of the flap using a crochet hook to make it decorative,  and I made a button by crocheting a small circle.  (This is like doing a granny square with no corners – you start by chaining 4, then join it into a circle, then double crochet all the way around it until its round, cut, tie and work in the end).  This button was then attached to the front of the case in the spot opposite the button hole.  Voila!

The finished case

The finished case


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