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I LOVE fairisle.  I have found its not too hard to manage 2 strands of yarn if I wrap them both around my right hand the usual way, but put one strand under the thumb and one over the index finger.

I wanted this to be a black and color changing scarf, with the black staying constant throughout, but the color changing in its background.  I spun this bright color changing yarn to be striped, but in very wide stripes for this reason.   This scarf is done twice the width I want it to end up, so I can fold it in half longways and sew the edges together, making only the nice side show.  (That’s why I don’t mind that its curling, it will be sewed flat when it is finished.)

I use charts for the fairisle, but otherwise, there is no other pattern, just make it twice as wide as you want and as long as you want.  My charts come from the book in the photo (citation below).   I hadn’t noticed when I was picking these charts, (I was mainly choosing ones that are 16 stitches wide), but its coming out looking like seasons.  Snowflakes at the bottom, then flowers, then I hadn’t realized it but that next one looks exactly like pine pollen under a microscope, then more flowers as it gets hot pink and hot outside… I’m recording my year in my scarf!

All of the charts used in the scarf come from:  1000 Great Knitting Motifs by Louise Roberts.  Trafalgar Square Publishing, Vermont/ Collins & Brown Limited, 2004.


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I go by the name ilovesocks, but yet, I’ve talked so little about them.  Its coming to winter now, so time to dig out those wonderful warm toe savers!

Candyland colored socks

Candyland colored socks

These were done by first dyeing the corriedale wool using food coloring (you use distilled water and mix it with some vinegar, and a few drops of food coloring – acid makes the dye washfast for animal fiber, then heat it until it steams).  Dyed it red, yellow and blue.  Then the yarn was spun, long sections of yellow, then long sections of red, long section of blue etc.  Then it was plied in the opposite direction with white wool to get the tweed effect for the foot.  (Another ball of yarn was spun using the red plied with yellow for the back of the heel up.)   These were knit starting at the toe with Judy’s Magic Cast on to make the toe seamless, then using short rows for the heel (you just leave stitches off the ends of your heel flap every other row, then start adding them back on 1 stitch on each end every other row when you get to the very back of the bottom of your foot, leaving a few stitches in the middle for the back of the heel – try it on as you go).  You may get holes on the heel sides doing that, just pick up yarn from around them as you go and knit the yarn with an added on stitch (knit the two together).

Made these toes too long, but still love the socks

Made these toes too long, but still love the socks.

You saw these uber-long toe socks before on the Magic and Lollypops post.  I sleep in these and that extra toe pocket is great for warmth.  I love these because of the tweedy yarn color changes.  These were spun by me too, but not dyed.  This is the effect you get if you don’t plan what you will ply together, and just make 2 balls of singles in random order then ply them together randomly.  Wonderful variety!

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