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So very warm!  For this sweater I started at the waist and worked up.  I did a front piece, then a back piece, then seamed them together on the sides and shoulders.  Unusual for me, I usually try to eliminate as much seaming as possible, but I’m happy with the result, it fits very well.  Charts were used to add fanciness (see refs below), but otherwise I just did what seemed sweater shaped.  A ribbed looking chart was used at the bottom and wrists to stop curling.


Once I had the vest shape after seaming the front and back together, I did ribbing for the neck and made some sleeves, wrist upwards.  I did my sleeves by making them identical, which when seamed on with the pattern design on the top caused the increase seam to be on opposite sides of the arms (meaning what looks like a seam goes up the front of one arm and up the back of the other arm, making the sleeves look different, and the pattern looks off center in opposite directions.  I’m not displeased about it, it is unusual but doesn’t look bad.

Charts:   The New Knitting Stitch Library.  Lesley Stanfield.  1992 Quarto Publishing.  Ribbing: Chart #21, pg. 32.  Middle of body: Chart 188, pg. 124.   Sides of the body and arms: Chart #185, pg. 124.

Yarn:  Vanna’s Choice, Art #860, color #405, Silver Heather.


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